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How to Use the DMV Near Me feature

With the help of the DMV Locator, you can search for your state and local DMV . Enter your location the search bar to search by exact address, city, state, or zip code. Additionally, if you click the “Use my location” button above the map, all nearby DMV offices will be displayed for you to pick the closest one. The DMV Locator includes all the DMV offices for all 50 states of the US as well as Washington, DC.

Understand all Your State’s DMV Information

Despite the ever-changing world, you still have to go to the DMV to take a practice test, get your driver’s license, license plates, title, and registration. The DMV Locator can speed up the process. You should access your state’s DMV information before going there because each DMV is different. The DMV Locator allows you to find out if you can make an appointment at your local DMV, which helps to skip the lines and get in and out faster. You can also find out if your DMV operates separate offices for licensing and titling, and if you can go to third-party DMV locations.

What you can get from here?

Once you have located the closest DMV office, you can click on the marker to see if it is open today see all necessary information about it:

  • Full mailing address

  • Phone number

  • DMV hours and days of operation (including opening and closing times)

  • Google Street View (where available)

  • Directions

Can I use the DMV Service Online?

Technology simplifies some tasks, but DMV websites often bury that information within a list of services. DMV Locator enables you to quickly find out if your local DMV has online services available and which ones you can access online. You may not even have to go the DMV to renew your license or get your title and registration.

DMV Contact Information

You don’t know how to contact your local DMV. The DMV Locator provides you with your DMV’s contact information, such as mailing address, office hours, directions, phone numbers, and in some cases, email addresses and online forms. The DMV Locator helps you avoid the stress while contacting the DMV. The only thing you have to do is to search for your DMV. We’ll take care of the rest.