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DOR Services in Missouri

In the state of Missouri, licensing and titling are under the jurisdiction of the Missouri Department of Revenue. Residents of Missouri must visit the right place or complete tasks online.

License Offices

Except for exams and testing, all motor vehicle and licensing duties are handled by License Offices. You can find these offices in various buildings all around the state, including the chamber of commerce and the county courthouse. It's simple to find a location close to your home or place of employment.

Taking an Exam

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is in charge of exams and testing. These exams are held in government buildings like city halls, courthouses, and municipal buildings. These locations have different operating hours and days. Some are open on Fridays,  some are open every third Monday, and some are open every Tuesday and Thursday. To avoid showing up at a closed exam station, check with your local exam station before you go to take a test.

Online Services

You can complete many tasks online if you don’t want to fight the crowds and stand in line at the DMV. You don’t have to try to work around your busy schedule because you can log onto the internet whenever you want, day or night.

How to contact the Department of Revenue

The Department of Revenue can be contacted by phone, mail, or email. Make sure you reach out to the right department.

Central Office

Harry S. Truman State Office Building

301 W. High St.

Jefferson City, MO 65101

Email for the Central Office:


General Contact Numbers

Driver License: 573-526-2407

Motor Vehicle: 573-526-3669

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