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DMV Services in Rhode Island

In Rhode Island, the Division of Motor Vehicles is in charge of all licensing and motor vehicle-related tasks. The Department of Revenue is in charge of the DMV. There are many AAA branch offices, DMV branch locations, and road test sites in the state. While road test sites handle testing, AAA branch locations only provide limited services, including registration and license renewal. You must go to a DMV branch location if you need other services.

Online Services

You can use the online services if you don’t want to wait in line at the DMV. The DMV provides a number of online services, such as:

  • Driver’s license renewal
  • Registration Renewal
  • Vanity plate registration
  • Address changes
  • Title inquiries

You can do a lot of other things online and save time. You can work around your busy schedule since these services are always available.

Schedule Your Road Test Online

You can take a road test right away without having to wait for your turn. By making an appointment online, you can speed up the process. To make an appointment, you will need your zip code, date of birth, and license permit number.

Make sure to bring a completed LI-1 license application form when you arrive at your appointment. To take the test, you must have this form.

Go Over Your Checklists

The Rhode Island DMV provides checklists for various services. Before going to the DMV, download the appropriate checklist and make sure you have everything required. If you do so, you will only have to make one trip. 

The Rhode Island DMV Contact Information

You can contact the DMV Cranston Headquarters or one of the branch offices. Call the customer service representatives once you've determined which office you need to get in touch with.

Cranston Headquarters

Main Information: 401-462-4368


DMV Branch Offices

Middleton: 401-846-5451

Wakefield: 401-789-1430

Warren: 401-245-6957

Westerly: 401-315-5608

Woonsocket: 401-235-1232

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