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DOT Services in Wyoming

Driver's licenses, registrations, and titles are under the control of the Wyoming Department of Transportation. If you have motor vehicle and licensing needs, you should go to a Driver Service location or your County Treasurer. Both locations are in charge of different services.

Driver Services Facilities

All driver's license-related issues are handled by Wyoming's Driver Services facilities. Go to one of these facilities for:

  • New licenses
  • Renewals
  • Learner permits
  • Identification cards
  • Testing

You must provide proof of identity, current residence, and social security number in order to obtain a driver's license or ID card. You must also bring proof of your name change if you are changing it. This can be a certified divorce decree, marriage certificate, court order, or another legal document that reflects a name change. Before going to the facility, you should gather all of your paperwork.

You should check the hours of operation with your local exam station before your visit because exam stations have different operating hours. On the DOT website, you can see the operating hours of 29 facilities.

County Treasurer

Titles, license plates, and registrations fall within the purview of the County Treasurer. To save time, complete your title application and VIN inspection form online and bring them to the office.

The license plates are replaced every eight years. The state provides specialty plates with each new design.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation Contact Information

You can contact the Department of Transportation by phone, mail, or online form if you need to ask a question or submit information. Make sure to correspond with the appropriate department.

If you need to reach out through the mail, send your information to:

Driver and Motor Vehicle Services

5300 Bishop Blvd.

Cheyenne, WY 82009

Fill out the online form on the DOT’s website to send an online inquiry.

If you have an inquiry related to driver services, call:


If you need to reach someone about your title or registration, call:


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