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RMV Services in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles will handle all of the licensing and motor vehicle-related tasks for residents of Massachusetts. There are branches all over the state. Some branches also hold suspension hearings. If you need to attend a hearing, you must check with your local branch because not all of the branches hold suspension hearings.

You can find out about wait times when searching for branches. The wait times help you to decide whether you want to go in person. If you do, be sure you have all of the required documents.

Checklists of Documents

You may not know about the required documents for your visit to the RMV. Fortunately, the department provides checklists for branch transactions. To make sure you have everything you need when you visit your local branch, use the checklists. You will find a checklist for all of your needs, from a learner's permit to registration. Check it carefully to make sure you have everything you need before you go.

Schedule Your Road Test Online

You should make an appointment with the RMV for a road test before showing up. You can do it online. Your name, date of birth, learner's permit number, and social security number are required. After answering some questions, you can choose a test date and location.

Online Branch of RMV

With RMV's online branch, it's simple to do business from your home. Top online services are:

  • Registration Renewal
  • Driver’s license renewal
  • Change of address
  • Application for a learner’s permit

The things you can do online go well beyond what is mentioned here. Make use of the online branch to avoid long lines and save a lot of time.

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Contact Information

The customer service representatives are available from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday. Alternatively, you can submit an email inquiry online.

From area codes 339/617/781/857 and outside of Massachusetts: 857-368-8000

From all other Massachusetts area codes: 800-858-3926

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