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DMV Services in Oregon

The Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division (DMV) is in charge of the majority of motor vehicle services in Oregon. This office manages a variety of tasks, including drivers’ licenses, driver’s license testing, state identification cards, vehicle titles, etc.

The office offers online services in addition to in-person visits.

Offsite Services

In addition to the DMV offices located all over the state, Oregon has clean air stations for vehicle inspections and third-party test sites for CDL licensing.  Visit a state-approved location for your CDL test or your vehicle inspection.

Online Services

The online services are available to those who don't want to stand in line at the DMV. You can use the online services for:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle renewal
  • Individual change of address
  • Vehicle sale/transfer forms

Not every vehicle owner is qualified to renew his/her registration online. If your registration has expired for 75 days or more, the stickers need to be mailed to a different address, or your address indicates that you are in a DEQ area even though you are not, you cannot renew it online. Additionally, tow/recovery vehicles and vehicles subject to the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax are not eligible for online renewal. Individuals who have moved to or from Multnomah County and whose incorrect address appears on the renewal reminder must visit an official DMV office.

Hours of Operation

Check the operating hours of your local DMV before visiting because they vary from one DMV to the next. Regardless of your location, central support staff is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every Monday through Friday.

The Oregon DMV Contact Information

You can use the mail or make a phone call to the Oregon DMV.

Address mail to:

DMV Headquarters

1905 Lane Ave NE

Salem, OR 97314

The DMV has seven phone numbers. Based on where you are, choose the correct number.

Bend: 541-388-6322

Portland Metro Area: 503-299-9999

Eugene: 541-686-7855

Salem Metro Area: 503-945-5000

Medford: 541-776-6025

Roseburg: 541-440-3395

Statewide Relay: 7-1-1

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