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DOT Services in North Dakota

All of your licensing and motor vehicle needs in North Dakota are taken care of by the Office of Driver and Vehicle Services, which is a branch of the Department of Transportation. The Department of Transportation has different field departments that handle different needs. Determine which department to visit to get your license, title, or whatever else you need.

Driver’s License Site

Visit one of the North Dakota Driver's License Sites if you need to get a driver's license. These sites take care of all matters pertaining to ID cards and driver's licenses. They are dispersed throughout the state and operate at different hours and days of the week. Some are open Monday through Friday, while others are only open on the first Wednesday of the month. Check with your local office before visiting.

Make an appointment with the Driver’s License Sites

Before visiting your local Driver's License Site, you can make an appointment using the online appointment scheduling feature. You can schedule an appointment for a driving test or to get your driver’s license. You won't have to wait at the DMV then.

North Dakota Motor Vehicle Sites

Visit one of the North Dakota Motor Vehicle Sites if you need a tag, title, or registration. The Motor Vehicle Site locations normally operate during regular business hours, while the Driver's License Site locations do not. Each location has different operating hours. Some, for instance, close at noon on Fridays. To avoid any surprises, check your location before heading to the office.

The North Dakota Office of Driver and Vehicle Services Contact Information

If you need to mail the North Dakota Office of Driver and Vehicle Services, send your correspondence to:


608 E. Blvd. Ave.

Bismarck, ND 58505-0700

You can also reach the department of your choice over the phone.

Driver’s License Information: 701-328-2600

Motor Vehicle Information: 701-328-2725

When you contact for information about a driver's license or a motor vehicle, have all of your information ready.

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