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MVD Services in New Mexico

The Motor Vehicle Division issues licenses, ID cards, titles, license plates, and registration to residents of New Mexico. Field offices of the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division are strategically located all around the state. You can use the online services if you don't want to go to a field office.

Online Services

There are many online services offered by the New Mexico DMV. You may avoid the lines and save gas with these services. With online services, you can:

  • Renew or replace your license, ID, title, and registration
  • Apply for your first license or a personalized plate
  • Print a temporary license or ID
  • View your driving status
  • Get a new title and registration
  • Update your insurance information
  • Mark your vehicle as sold

Additionally, the New Mexico DMV offers online services for businesses, placards, and vessels. You can also take an exam or change your address online.

With so many online services available, visiting the DMV can be totally avoided. You can conduct business from your home if you have access to the internet and your payment information.

How to Make an Appointment

Make an appointment to skip the line if you would rather go to the DMV in person. The online appointment form can be used to schedule an appointment for:

  • Road tests
  • First-time New Mexico driver’s licenses
  • Out-of-state transfers
  • First-time foreign national driver’s licenses or ID cards

The DMV Contact Information

It’s simple to contact the New Mexico DMV. Call the DMV's toll-free number if you have any questions or concerns.


You can also submit requests and information via the mail.

New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division

Joseph Montoya Building

PO Box 1028

1100 South St. Francis Drive

Santa Fe, NM 87504-1028

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