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DOT Services in Iowa

Driver's licenses, tags, titles, and registration fall within the purview of the Iowa Department of Transportation. Although the department oversees everything, you must visit different offices to do different tasks. You might also choose to complete some tasks online.

Getting Your ID or Driver’s License

The state of Iowa issues and renews licenses and ID cards at driver's license issuance sites. These sites also carry out tests. There are numerous DOT driver’s license offices, county driver’s license offices, and self-service kiosks. A kiosk can be used to get a replacement license or ID as well as to renew them.

Online Services

You are not required to conduct business at a driver's license office. There are numerous online services offered by the Iowa Department of Transportation. You can use the online tool to:

  • Renew your license or ID
  • Change your address
  • Order specialty plates or oversize permits
  • Pay your civil penalties
  • View your driving record
  • Track oversize permits

A practice test is also available online. You can use this to get ready for the actual test at the DMV.

Your driver's license can only be renewed online every other time. You will need to visit a physical location if you previously renewed it online. Next time, you can renew it online. Additionally, when renewing your license online, no changes can be made. All adjustments have to be made in person. Once you've changed it, you can renew it online the following time.

The Iowa Department of Transportation Contact Information

Contacting the Iowa Department of Transportation is simple. Use the following mailing address to submit information to the department:

Iowa Department of Transportation

800 Lincoln Way

Ames, IA 50010

If you need driver’s license information, call:


For commercial vehicle information, call:


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