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DMV Services in Alabama

You must contact the Motor Vehicle Division of the Department of Revenue or the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) if you have a motor vehicle or licensing need. If you don't go to the right department, you will waste a lot of time running around Alabama.

Online and in-person services provided by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

IDs and licenses are handled by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. You can use the online services or go in person to one of the offices.

Your ID card or driver's license can be renewed online. The online tool also allows you to pay tickets and access your driver records.

You can only renew your ID card or driver's license online every eight years. They must be renewed 60 days before they expire. You must see an examiner in person if you want to change your endorsements, restrictions, or address. These tasks cannot be done online.

Alabama Department of Revenue – Motor Vehicle Division

For all of your title, registration, and license plate needs, visit a Motor Vehicle Division office. Additionally, you can register your tag online and complete a license plate pre-commitment application.

The Motor Vehicle Division does not provide many online services; however, it offers a number of forms online. Print your forms in advance to speed up the titling or registration process. When you arrive at the MVD, you will then be well-prepared. You can go ahead and stand in line, provide the paperwork, and receive your title or registration.

ALEA or MVD Contact Information

The ALEA can be contacted via phone or mail.

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

Licensing Bureau

P.O. Box 1471

Montgomery, AL 36102

Division Chief: 334-353-1470


Use the online form or send correspondence through the mail to ask questions about motor vehicle services. You can mail the registration or titles division.



P.O. Box 327630

Montgomery, AL 36132-7630



P.O. Box 327630

Montgomery, AL 36132-7630

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