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Maryland Learner’s Permit Regulations & Rules In 2024

Read this article if you're planning to get your Maryland learner’s permit. This contains everything you need to know to get your learner's permit in Maryland.

January 8, 2022

General information

Maryland learner’s permit holders of all ages have to watch all Maryland learner’s permit limitations in case they need to get a driver’s permit. Most of the Maryland restrictions are directed by the state graduated driver’s permit program and must be watched by Maryland learner’s permit holders of all ages. Maryland driver’s permit restrictions were outlined to keep inexperienced drivers secure and offer assistance to induce through the primary years of driving. Keep in mind that failure to read these rules and prerequisites may lead to losing the driving benefits totally. 

Most first-time Maryland learner’s permit candidates complain that the permitting strategy is complicated for numerous reasons. The conclusion is very justifiable and you can’t fault them for considering that – it takes at least 2 years from your first application to the day you get your Maryland driver’s permit, provided you do not slow down on any of the stages of the applications. In any case, once you break the permitting method down into numerous steps and look at each one of them, it all makes the process become easier.

The state permitting process is controlled by Maryland graduated driver’s permit system (which is also significantly popular with the name Rookie Driver law). The law commands that all first-time Maryland learner’s permit candidates are to go through a number of halfway steps – such as the learners allow and temporary permit stages – before they are issued a full driver’s permit. The law moreover directs the Maryland learner’s permit limitations and temporary permit rules that must be read during each stage. 

Approaching the licensing via this method permits all first-time Maryland drivers to pick up a few driving encounters before freely driving on the open road. Required Maryland drivers instruction classes moreover fortify the understanding and appreciation of the threats driving may posture. Despite the fact that the licensing process is the same for Maryland learner’s permit candidates of all ages, drivers who are under the age of18 years old should read extra limitations that prohibit the utilization of cell phones and liquor.

What are the requirements for a learner’s permit in MD?

maryland learner's permit

Each first-time driver is required to begin with a learner’s permit within the state of Maryland, notwithstanding age. You must be at the age of at least 15 years old and 9 months for the purpose of applying for your Maryland learner’s permit. You’ll bring proof of identity, your Social Security Number, and proof of your current residency to your neighborhood MVA office to start. You may moreover be required to get and pass a vision exam and knowledge test.

Let’s get started with our free DMV practice test to pass your exam with a high score on your first attempt.

Besides, whereas you hold the Maryland learner’s permit, you’re required to require an MVA-certified Driver’s Instruction Program. In any case, the time you must hold your Maryland learner’s permit, and the number of practice hours you would like to construct, all depend on your age.

  • In case you’re under the age of 16, you would like to yield a DL-300 application form to illustrate you’re going to school with minimal absences. Something else, the method remains the same for candidates beneath 18. 
  • In case you’re under the age of 18, you may have your guardians co-sign your application.

What does the Maryland written knowledge test consist of?

The Maryland written knowledge test covers the laws and security controls laid out within the Maryland MVD Handbook. It’ll have 25 questions on it, and you have got to urge at least 22 of the total questions to successfully pass it. It’ll test you on Maryland road laws, traffic signs, safety rules, and Maryland traffic legislation that you just have to know to securely work a vehicle. 

The Maryland written knowledge test is always considered one of the hardest parts of getting your Maryland learner’s permit with more than a 50% failure proportion across the country. Therefore, we recommend that you should study and prepare with the proper information resources. In case you need to know more about this portion of the knowledge test, we suggest examining the in-depth Maryland learner’s permit study guide.

What are Maryland learner’s permit rules and restrictions?

The minimum age for you to apply for a Maryland learner’s permit is 15 years old and 9 months. The Maryland learner’s permit is valid for 12 months, but you’ll be able to take a road test within 180 days, just in case you can meet all the license prerequisites. Maryland has two sorts of learner’s licenses, as follow:

  • Sort 1 – For drivers who have never had a driver’s license before. 
  • Sort 2 – For drivers who have already had a driver’s permit or individuals who are applying for another sort of license such as a cruiser permit or one to drive a semi-truck etc.

Before the process of getting a Maryland learner’s permit, you have to require a composed test that tests your ability and knowledge in terms of traffic laws, secure driving, US road signs, and other driving-related areas. Despite the fact that the test isn’t particularly difficult, more than half of all first-time candidates fail the test the primary time they take it. If you want to see whether you’re arranged to require your genuine allow test, take a Maryland mock test to allow a test that employs comparable wording and covers the same ranges as the real one.

Besides taking the test, you must moreover meet other prerequisites. Amid this stage, you must total a Maryland driver’s instruction course that comprises at least about 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of driving instruction. The MVA does not acknowledge online driver’s ed or any other home-study programs, so you’ll need to total the lesson either through your school or a professional driving school.

After the process of completing the driver’s ed, you must moreover gather at least about 60 hours of administered driving hours. 10 of these hours must be at night. In case you’re beneath 18 years old, the Practice and Skills Log form must be marked by your parents or lawful guardian. For other drivers, the Practice and Skills Log form can be marked by a driving tutor.

One of the key confinements that can obstruct your advance through the program is that you just cannot have any activity violations during your allowed holding period. In case you’re indicted of a traffic offense, your Maryland learner’s permit holding period will be restarted and you’ll have to be held up another half of a year before taking the Maryland road test.

Despite the fact that the learners allow confinements to be lifted once you take an MVA driving test and get your temporary driver’s permit, do not surge into consideration that presently you’ll do anything you need behind the wheel. Your temporary permit permits unsupervised driving under most conditions, but it still holds various confinements that must be watched for a very long time.

What are Maryland learner’s permit regulations?

maryland learner's permit

Once you have got your Maryland learner’s permit, you’ll begin learning to drive a car and get prepared for your Maryland driver’s road test. The Maryland learner’s permit is substantial for one year. Be that as it may, you’ll be able to take the road test in 180 days, given you follow all of the allowed controls and necessities. The below could be an important list of the foremost things you have to do while driving along with your Maryland learner’s permit:

  • You cannot drive alone, you must have a grown-up who is at the age of 21 or more who contains a driver’s permit with you at all times. 
  • You cannot utilize a cell phone during the process of driving. 
  • You need to take a Maryland-approved driver’s instruction course that comprises at least 30 hours of classroom time and 6 hours of actual driving instructions. The MVA does not accept types of correspondent or online driving classes. You’ll take driving lessons through your high school or a driving school.

To total a driver’s instruction lesson, you must moreover gather at least 60 hours of administered driving time. Ten of the hours must be nighttime driving. Driving hours must be done at night time. 

The driving hours ought to be logged in a book given by the MVA. In case you’re at the age of 18 or younger, the book must be signed by your parents or legal guardian. Do you need to have a Maryland learner’s permit card? What can you do with a learner’s permit?  In the event that you are at the age of more than 18 years old, it has got to be marked by an authorized coach who rode with you, during your driving practice.

In the event that you commit any infringement, you may start over – and accumulate your 60 hours of driving time once more and you’ll not be able to require the Maryland road test for another half of a year.

How much is a learner’s permit in Maryland?

The fee for getting a learner’s permit in this state is $50.

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What are the requirements to get your provisional license in Maryland?

Before the process of applying for a temporary Maryland learner’s permit, you’ve got to meet these requirements. 

  • Be at the age of at least 16 years old and 6 months. 
  • Pass a Maryland MVA driver instruction course. 
  • Practice abilities log completed and marked by an administering driver.

What are the restrictions on a provisional license in Maryland?

maryland learner's permit

A temporary Maryland learner’s permit can be issued either to those who graduated from the primary level of the Rookie Driver program or to those who as of now hold a driver’s permit issued by a distinctive state or nation, but have less than 18 months of driving involvement. The holding periods for the temporary driver’s permit are as below:

  • Driving experience which is less than 6 months – drivers have to hold a provisional drivers license substantially for at least 18 months
  • Driving experience 6 to 12 months – drivers have to hold a provisional driver’s license substantially for at least 12 months
  • Driving experience 12 to 18 months – drivers have to hold a provisional driver’s license substantially for at least 6 months

During this permit holding period, drivers who are beneath 18 must read the below temporary permit confinements:

  • No driving alone between midnight and 5 a.m., unless an overseeing driver who is at the age of minimum 12 years old is shown within the vehicle. The MVA can make a special case to run the show in case you’re traveling to or from work, school activity, an organized volunteer program, or an athletic session. 
  • For the primary 5 months, no passengers beneath the age of 18 other than the family individuals, unless there’s an overseeing driver present.
  • No cell phones. You cannot utilize any communication gadgets during the process of driving.


  • In case an inexperienced driver under the age of 18 is cited for speeding in an overabundance of 20 mph, the MVA will inform the parents, cosigner, or even the guardian. 
  • Parents or guardians must co-sign the learner’s allow application in the event that the Maryland learner’s permit candidate is beneath 18. 
  • Drivers beneath 18 may have their permit suspended in case the parents, cosigner, or guardian pulls back their assent. Contact the MVA for more elements.
  • During the process of driving, Maryland learner’s permit holders must be gone with an administering driver who is at the age of 21 or more and has held a permit for at least 3 years. The individual must be situated adjacent to the modern driver at all times, with no other front situate inhabitants.

Above are all the information related to Maryland learner’s permit as well as how to get a learner’s permit in Maryland. In fact, this process is considered straightforward and easy, but it can still contain several challenges in case you are a new driver in this state. Hopefully, this article can be beneficial for you during the process of studying, practicing, and preparing for getting your first learner’s permit in Maryland.