NJ DMV License Renewal

NJ DMV License Renewal: A Step-by-Step Guide In 2024

It is illegal to drive in New Jersey without a valid, unexpired driver’s license. NJ DMV License Renewal is no longer a challenge because this article is the guide helping you quickly and easily renew your NJ license.

January 1, 2022

It is illegal to drive in New Jersey without a valid, unexpired driver’s license. To avoid complications with law enforcement, the New Jersey MVC (Motor Vehicle Commission) will send you a driver’s license renewal form a few months before your license’s expiration to remind you about your upcoming renewal.

If you are finding what you need for NJ DMV license renewal, here is the guide helping you quickly and easily renew it.

NJ DMV License Renewal

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What documents do you need to renew your license in NJ?

You will be required to provide documentation to complete the process in any form of renewal:

Six Points of Identification

Basically, New Jersey has assigned points to many different types of identifying documents. Drivers must provide a combination of documents adding up to six points to complete identity verification with the MVC. When renewing an NJ driver’s license, you must provide:

  • At least one Primary Document proving your identity, such as your:
    • Birth certificate.
    • U.S. passport.
    • Current New Jersey driver’s license.
  • At least one Secondary Document proving your identity, such as your:
    • Military ID.
    • Marriage certificate.
    • College ID and transcript.
  • Verifiable Social Security Number.
  • Proof of Address.
    • Utility bills were issued in the last 90 days.
    • Bank statements were issued in the last 60 days.
    • School transcripts were issued in the last 2 years.

You will be required to provide New Jersey license verification. If you are unable to present your originals or certified copies of civil identifications, you have to pass the New Jersey 6 Points of ID verification process. There are numerous ways to obtain them. It can take six to eight weeks or longer to complete some requests, therefore, please plan accordingly. Otherwise, you can check the full list of acceptable documents here.

Civil Marriage Certificates and Birth Certificates

If you were born in New Jersey, you have some options:

  • Contact the Office of Vital Statistics and Registry at 609-292-4087 or access their website to see instructions on ordering vital records.
  • Contact the city where you were married or born. See the complete list of New Jersey cities or search by name.
  • Contact VitalChek – a private company not affiliated with the New Jersey MVC or the state of New Jersey.

If you are a US Citizen married or born outside of New Jersey, contact the city in the state you were born. Contact the U.S Department of State if you were born outside the US.

Social Security Cards

  • If you need to replace your lost or stolen social security card, you must complete a Social Security Administration Application for a Social Security Card (Form SS-5) then submit it to the Social Security Administration.

How often do you renew your license in NJ?

Your license will expire every four years and you will be granted up to 6 months prior to expiration to renew.

Requirements for NJ DMV license renewal vary based on the status of your license that is:

  • Valid.
  • Suspended.
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged.

Valid Driver’s License

You can renew your valid NJ DMV License before it expires. In case your license expires in the next 20 days, you will have to renew it in person at the MVC. Expired licenses have no grace period, once expiring, licenses are no longer valid.

Suspended Driver’s License

You cannot renew a suspended NJ MVC license. It costs $100 to have it reinstated first.

If you have not already done so, you will need to return your suspended NJ driver’s license by visiting your local NJ MVC agency or mailing it to:

Motor Vehicle Commission

P.O. Box 132

Trenton, NJ 08666

Check your NJ driving record to see if your driver’s license is valid or suspended. Not drive with a suspended driver’s license in New Jersey if you don’t want to be fined and jailed.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Driver’s License

If your New Jersey driver’s license is lost, stolen, or damaged but due for a renewal, instead of replacing your NJ license, you can renew it. If not, you can request a driver’s license replacement.

How to renew the NJ DMV license?

New Jersey allows you to renew your license in a variety of ways. Depending on whether you qualify, you are allowed to renew in person, by mail, or online. 

Renewing In Person

It is illegal to drive with an expired driver’s license in New Jersey. You can renew it up to 6 months before the license expires. The MVC will send you a renewal form by mail, but your duty is to renew timely.

You might check whether you are eligible to renew by mail and skip the trip to the MVC.

Plan of Action

1. Visit a motor vehicle agency

Choose a licensing office. If possible, come in the middle of the day, avoiding weekends and the end of the month, since this is the busiest time for the MVC agencies.

2. Bring required documentation

It is required you to provide: 

  • 6 Points of Identification.
  • Proof of address.

3. Complete the application form

You will get the application at a driver licensing office or bring the completed renewal form you got by mail.

4. Pay the renewal fee

Pay $24.00 by card (American Express, MasterCard, Visa), check, money order or cash.

5. Have your picture and signature taken

The MVC needs to capture your entire face from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your chin. If you need to wear a head covering when taking photos due to a medical or religious, exchange it to the MVC staff at the agency camera station.

6. Receive your driver license

Renewing by Mail

In case you are eligible to renew your NJ DMV license by mail, the NJ DMV will send you a “Skip the Trip” renewal package.  Skip the Trip is a new and convenient renewal process by mail with no additional fees for NJ licenses or non-driver IDs. Most NJ drivers needed to visit an MVC agency to renew, before Skip the Trip.

You are not able to skip the trip, if

  • You have a Graduated Driver License (GDL).
  • You have an active driver’s license suspension.
  • You have a Temporary Visa Restriction (TVR).
  • Your vehicle has an ignition interlock device.
  • The MVC needs a new photo of you taken in person.

Plan of Action

1. Complete the renewal form, using blue or black ink.

2. Enclose a money order for the fee of $24.00.

3. Drop the form into the mail.

4. Your new license will be mailed within 10 business days.

5. Call the MVC at (609) 292-6500, if you have not received your license within 20 days of mailing.

Military NJ DMV License Renewal

If you are currently stationed in Germany, please note that in addition to your USAREUR license, some states require you to have a valid U.S. driver’s license. 

Your NJ driver’s license will be automatically renewed if you are:

  • An active-duty military member.
  • An NJ National Guard/Reserve member.

Your license will not expire until you are discharged.

Remember to carry an extension letter and your active-duty military papers with you when driving.

Out-of-State NJ Residents

You can also renew by mail if you are out of state for an extended period and you:

  • Are a New Jersey resident.
  • Have a Class D or D/M driver’s license.
  • Are a U.S. citizen.
  • Are absent from the tri-state area for an extended period. 
  • Possess a digital driver’s license. 
  • Your driver’s license is expired, about to expire, or has been lost for less than 3 years.

Plan of Action

1. Write a letter explaining why you can’t visit the MVC and when you plan to return to New Jersey.

2. Complete the application form (BA208) then request it by contacting MVC.

3. Pay for a fee of $24.00.

4. Enclose the photocopies of 6 points of identification.

5. Add your proof of permanent address in New Jersey.

6. Add your country/out-of-state address.

7. Provide a prepaid envelope to expedite the delivery of the license.

8. Send the packet to:

     NJ Motor Vehicle Commission

     Government In-House Unit

     225 East State Street P.O. Box 016

     Trenton, New Jersey 08666-0016

9. Your new license will be sent to your country/out-of-state address as you provided.

Can I Renew My License Online?

Yes. New Jersey now allows drivers to complete a same-day license renewal online even if your form says you are required to visit an agency, you may still be eligible for an online renewal. 

On the other hand, you will not be allowed to renew your NJ driver’s license online if:

  • Your license has been suspended.
  • After the approved renewal period, your license has expired.
  • You hold a CDL license.
  • Your license has a Temporary Visa Restriction.
  • Your license has been expired for longer than 6 months.

Plan of Action

1. Go to the MVC online portal.

2. Type your:

  • Zip code.
  • Driver’s license number.
  • Social security number (SSN).
  • Email address.

3. Pay the fee as shown. 

Your NJ DMV License Renewal will be immediately effective. Once completing the transaction, print out your temporary license and keep it with you when driving. You will receive your permit in the mail within 10-20 days.

How much does it cost to renew a license in NJ?

You have to pay the following fees for NJ DMV license renewal for 4 years:

  • Class D/E: $24.
  • Class D with motorcycle endorsement: $42.
  • Moped: $6
  • Motorcycle: $24.

New Jersey DMV offices accept payment by:

  • Credit/debit card.
  • Check.
  • Money order.
  • Cash.

For NJ DMV License Renewal by mail, payments are made by check or money order only, not cash.

Does NJ have a grace period for an expired driver’s license?

New Jersey driver’s licenses have no grace. You are allocated 7 months prior to your license’s expiration to complete an NJ DMV License Renewal. It will be considered invalid once your license expires, however, you can still renew it in person. 

Driver’s License Extension

You may acquire a one-year license extension if you’re undergoing medical treatment around the time your license expires. You have to provide the New Jersey MVC with proof from a licensed physician to be approved. 

Follow these instructions:

  • Go to your local MVC, bring 6 Points of identification and proof of address with you.
  • Complete extension form provided by NJ MVC.
  • Submit documentation verifying medical treatment for the illness with a signature from a licensed physician.

How do I schedule an appointment at the DMV NJ?

Customers should go to NJMVC.gov and scroll down to the “Schedule an Appointment” box or use the “Make Appointment” menu header to schedule an appointment for any service. Illinois DMV Appointments are arranged on a 30-day rolling basis.

The NJ DMV License Renewal address is here:

  • Agency: NJ MVC (New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission)
  • Address: 225 East State Street
  • City: Trenton
  • State & Zip Code: New Jersey 08666

NJ DMV License Renewal

It seems like a daunting task to renew your New Jersey driver’s license, especially if this is your first time doing so. However, that’s definitely not something to worry about because MVC has made the process fairly simple. We hope this article will help you answer all of your questions. Furthermore, we highly recommend you regularly improve your knowledge of the rules of the road and driving safety practices to stay safe on the roads. In addition, if you want to obtain the new license, you may take our free  DMV practice test 2024 to be familiar with the format as well as questions that are close to the actual test.