change address on driver's license michigan

How To Change Address On Driver’s License Michigan In 2024

Change address on driver's license Michigan is often considered challenging for many people. In this article we will provide you with the clear instructions and FAQs about this topic.

December 31, 2021

The state of Michigan can be considered an exceedingly appealing state for numerous people who are looking for a career in farming, higher education, or even the car industry. Moreover, the state of Michigan borders America’s five Great Lakes, making for astounding day trip goals for couples and families. Thousands of people move to Michigan each year to take advantage of these openings and pick up a completely new beginning within the midwestern state of the USA.

In case you are arranging on moving to, from, or inside Michigan, at that point, you’re going to need to form beyond any doubt that you just know precisely what’s anticipated of you in terms of DMV paperwork. Like all states, you’ll be required to change address on driver’s license Michigan being really to settle in as a resident – containing both your address on your driver’s permit and an overhaul to your vehicle’s enlistment reports, in case applicable.

It’s a great idea to prepare enough paperwork, especially in case you’re aiming to be driving within the state or need to begin applying for jobs. And since Michigan requires you to file your alter of address paperwork instantly upon building up residency within the state, there truly isn’t an entire parcel of time to waste.

Establishing residency in any state is exciting. The possibility for you within your new environment is seemingly endless. Don’t get ahead of yourself though – there are a few things new residents must complete as they get settled, including transferring your out-of-state driver’s license to Michigan. This guide will show you exactly how to change the address on your driver’s license in Michigan.

change address on driver's license michigan

When should you transfer driver’s license to Michigan? 

Once residency has been set up, Michigan requires its new inhabitants to exchange their driver’s permits and get current state enrollment. It’s best to complete these procedures as soon as possible after moving to maintain a strategic distance from any complications with nearby law requirements or metropolitan authorities.

There are a few methods for you to alter your address within the state of Michigan. All current drivers must have their overhauled physical address on record with the SOS. This moreover applies to current Michigan inhabitants who are moving inside the state. There are three ways to total an address – online, in-person, or by mail. Completing the method online is by and large the foremost helpful choice, in any case, any strategy is accessible to you.

In case you want to change the address on your driver’s license in Michigan, bring the taking after records to the SOS once you’ve settled in your new dwelling place:

  • The proof of your personal identity
  • The proof of your new address
  • The proof of your birthdate

How do I change my out-of-state driver’s license to a Michigan driver’s license?

Visit Michigan Secretary of State office

You will need to visit the Michigan SOS in order to complete a license transfer. An appointment is not necessary. However, you’ll want to get there at the right time to avoid standing in long lines and spending the day there.

Pass the Vision Screening Test

Michigan tests drivers on their vision to guarantee they have the visual perception fundamental to work an engine vehicle within the state securely. Michigan candidates will display a score of at least 20/40 or better to pass this vision test. In case you can not pass this vision test, you’ll have to be driven with remedial focal points or retake the vision screening test for an improved score.

Have Picture Taken

A driver’s license picture will be taken of your completely new Michigan driver’s permit and inner records with the state’s office. There’s no dress code. Be that as it may, you’ll need to dress well as your permit picture will stay with you for a few years later.

Bring Enough Documents

At the time of your driver’s permit exchange, you may require displaying certain types of documents. All of these must be original duplicates. You’ll be able to discover a full list of satisfactory documents below:

  • Your social security card
  • Proof that illustrates your citizenship or legal status
  • Proof that illustrates your exact address
  • Proof that illustrates your liability insurance coverage
  • An out-of-state driver’s license, that can demonstrate your personal identity and birth date

Receive Your Temporary Driver’s License

Both the composed test and Michigan driving test are not required when exchanging your driver’s permit to Michigan. So, after your archives have been acknowledged, you’ll be allowed a temporary driver’s permit. Your lasting driver’s permit will be sent to you within about two weeks.

Have You Needed to Take Additional Tests?

We offer state-of-the-art educational courses to assist you rapidly in getting ready for any driving test you will come over utilizing the DMV practice test, a summarized handbook, and much more. Even if you don’t get to take any information exams, we suggest that you simply learn the particular activity laws for your unused state because it will spare you a parcel of worries (and possibly indeed tickets) within the future.

What if you have come from another nation?

change address on driver's license michigan

In case you’re not coming from any state in the USA but hold an international driver’s permit, you’ll be allowed to drive within the state. In any case, moving may be a bit diverse.

  • Individuals moving from non-treaty states have to apply for a new driver’s permit.
  • Inhabitants moving to Michigan from settlement states such as Canada, Germany, or South Korea may change their driver’s permit to the state without taking the composed or street test. That preparation is comparative to exchanging an out-of-state permit nitty-gritty over.  

Written Knowledge Exam

The Michigan information test contains about 50 questions and is organized to survey unused drivers and their understanding of center activity laws and street signs around the state of Michigan. You must get a score of at least 80% of the total questions, or reply to at least 40 questions accurately.

Whereas numerous may suggest the Michigan driver’s handbook as a valuable asset for considering, it’s not a reasonable arrangement for everyone. Instead, an amazingly well-known learning stage may be the finest elective. Whereas there, you’ll be uncovered to a gamified involvement that educates you germane viewpoints of driving, whereas testing you with questions you’ll likely discover on your real information test.

Road Test

The Michigan road test will test your capacity to drive within the state securely. You’ll be required to perform key maneuvers such as turning, keeping secure, taking after removal, u-turns, and more. A vehicle in great working condition is necessary for you to require the Michigan road exam. 

What if you’re changing your address within Michigan?

Michigan requires simply overhauling your driver’s license as before long as conceivable together with your modern address when you’re moving inside the state. (And no, changing your address with the post office doesn’t cut it.) You have got a few alternatives for doing a Michigan DMV to alter of address:

Utilize the online portal. Head here to total your Michigan DMV alter of address through the state’s online Alter of Address framework. You’ll require your Michigan driver’s permit number conveniently, as well as the final four digits of your date of birth, your zip code, and your social security number.

Fill out a alter of address shape and drop it off by mail. Total a Michigan Alter of Address/Voter Registration application and mail it to the Michigan Department of State, which is currently located at PO Box 30764, MI 48918 of Michigan.

Alter your address individually. Head to a Michigan Division of State office to fill out a Change of Address application in individual. Don’t forget to bring your driver’s permit in conjunction with you.

How to change the address on vehicle registration?

After moving to Michigan or out from Michigan, you must alter the address on your driver’s permit as long as conceivable. A alter of address may be submitted at a Secretary of State office, online through ExpressSOS, or by mail utilizing the change-of-address frame. Until all framework overhauls can be completed, changing your driver’s permit address will not overhaul the address on your vehicle enrollment. Changing your driver’s permit address will upgrade the address for your voter enlistment.

Once you reestablish your permit plate by mail and the address must be redressed, check “Yes” for a alter of address on the front of the recharging take note and write your unused address on the back of the frame within the space given. This will alarm the Michigan Division of State to adjust the address when recharging your enlistment. In the event that you’re reestablishing your vehicle enrollment online and you’re logged into your account, at that point, you will moreover yield a alter of address at the same time. Alter of address cannot be submitted when utilizing the Quick Renewal option.

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What happens if you don’t change your address in time?

You have to change the address on your driver’s license of Michigan as soon as conceivable after moving to this state. Holding up as well long after moving seems to result in inconvenience with law requirements.

change address on driver's license michigan

FAQs – Change address on driver’s license Michigan

How do I submit a change of address?

You will yield an alter of address online, at a Secretary of State office, or by employing a mail-in change-of-address frame. Utilizing our online choice is the fastest strategy for upgrading your client profile data, counting your address. If you did not discover the data, you would like to enter a graphic word or express it within the Search field found within the upper right corner. Or send us an email by clicking on “Contact the Secretary of Michigan” within the upper right corner and the SOS will assist you to get the data you wish.

How long does it take to update vehicle registration with the new address?

Similar to your driver’s permit, you’ll get to overhaul your address on your vehicle enrollment quickly upon moving. Luckily, it’ll be overhauled at the same time once you upgrade your driver’s license

How long does it take to get a Michigan license or ID card?

Michigan requires that you total your Michigan DMV alter of address as soon as conceivable after building up residency within the state. So how do you know in the event that you’re formally an inhabitant of Michigan? Head to a MI Office of State office in case you arrange to:

  • Work/live in the state of Michigan for at least half of a year
  • Register to vote in Michigan
  • Run a business in Michigan
  • Have your children study in any university/school in Michigan

How to update your vehicle’s registration as a new inhabitant of Michigan?

To enlist your vehicle as a completely new inhabitant of Michigan, you’ll get to visit a Michigan Office of State office individually. Use our free “DMV near me” feature to find the closest SOS and its opening hours. After you go, bring along the below archives:

  • Proof that illustrates your identity
  • Proof that illustrates your Michigan no-fault auto insurance
  • Your vehicle’s current out-of-state name

In case your title is being held by a lienholder or renting company, at that point you’ll bring in your out-of-state enrollment card in lieu of your title. Note that all proprietors of the vehicle must be shown. In case one or more proprietors cannot show up, you’ll have the total and sign an Appointment of Agent that permits somebody else to enlist the vehicle in Michigan for their sake.

Do you need to notify Michigan of your moving to another state without a registered car?

No. Once you get your driver’s permit in your new state, Michigan will consequently cancel your MI driver’s permit, so there’s nothing additional for you to do on your portion.

What happens if I don’t change my address on my Michigan license?

An individual must not intentionally report an alter of address to the secretary of state for another individual without the assent of the other individual. An individual who is sentenced to an infringement of this subsection is blameworthy of a misdemeanor culpable by detainment for not more than 3 months or a fine of approximately $1,000.00, or both of these.

If you have any questions?

In case you’ve got any questions about changing your address on your driver’s permit and/or vehicle’s enlistment when moving to, from, or inside the state of Michigan, contact the Michigan Secretary of State via the phone number (888) 767-6424. In case you’re aiming to be coming out, you’re empowered to have your driver’s permit number and permit plate number (in case appropriate) prepared.

Change address on driver’s license Michigan is considered quite simple, as long as you have got the information of what to do. We trust this guide has made a difference to you, which you presently feel comfortable with. Even if you don’t have to take any exams, we suggest that you should examine the new road rules because there will be contrasts.