Michigan driver's license renewal

Michigan Driver’s License Renewal In 2024 | Ultimate Guide

Every 4 years, drivers need to renew licenses to legally drive in Michigan. This article provides the full instruction for Michigan driver's license renewal.

January 4, 2022

Michigan driver’s license renewal does not need to be a hassle! In this helpful article, we’ll go over everything you would like to know for the purpose of renewing your license as fast as possible.

Can I renew my Michigan driver’s license early?

In case you’re at the age of under 21, your Michigan driver’s license will lapse on your 21st Birthday. Otherwise, you may have to reestablish your Michigan driver’s license every 4 years. You’ll be able to reestablish up to 1 year before the expiration date, and the state sends a kindness update generally 45 days before it terminates.

Is there a grace period for an expired driver’s license in Michigan?

One thing you need to keep in mind is that the state of Michigan does not have a grace period at all. In the event that you’re caught driving with a terminated Michigan driver’s license, it is naturally considered driving with an invalid driver’s license. The primary offense can pose you up to $500 in fines and 93 days imprisonment time. At that point, it gets continuously more awful each time you’re caught by the police or the local authority.

Michigan driver's license renewal

What do I need to renew my license in Michigan?

Below are the essential archives required for you during the process of Michigan driver’s license renewal. There are several specific documentation that may require quite a long time for the purpose of preparing. In order to make the process easier and more straightforward, please bring the full list:

  • The proof of your personal identity
  • The proof of your Social Security number
  • The proof of your status of U.S. citizenship
  • Two proofs of residency for (used for non-citizens of the US)
  • The proof of your legal information change (name/birthday)

How to renew a Michigan driver’s license?

At the moment, the state of Michigan provides its drivers with 3 options for Michigan driver license renewal, as follow:

  • In-Person
  • By Mail
  • Online

Each renewing method may have different requirements for applicants. However, it is obligatory for you to renew your Michigan driver’s license in person if anything above applies:

  • You’re renewing or upgrading your Michigan driver’s license to a REAL-ID one
  • The last time you renew your Michigan driver’s license is by email or online
  • You had requested a duplicate Michigan driver’s license in the last 4 weeks
  • You had requested a change of address in the last 10 days
  • You have certain health changes that can adversely influence your driving ability
  • You do not have a number of Social Security on file
  • You haven’t renewed your Michigan driver’s license within more than 4 years

Michigan driver’s license renewal by mail

You’re qualified for this choice in the event that your reestablishment notice invites you to resume by mail. Below is how you can do that:

  • Fill out and sign the recharging note you got within the mail. It ought to arrive generally 45 days before the expiration date. 
  • If your address has changed, fill out the fitting area 
  • Pay by check or cash order 
  • Mail at least about 3 weeks before the expiration date. In the event that your new Michigan driver’s license does not come in before the close, don’t drive! 
  • It is illicit to drive without a substantial Michigan driver’s license, no matter the circumstance. 

Note: In case you changed your address or name on your Michigan driver’s license, you must re-establish your Michigan driver’s license individually even in case the invitation says otherwise.

Can I renew my driver’s permit online in Michigan?

In case you’re a citizen within the United State of America and you reestablished your Michigan driver’s license individually at a local Michigan Secretary of State office a final time, you qualify for the purpose of renewing your Michigan driver’s license online.

You’ll reestablish your Michigan driver’s license or upgraded Michigan driver’s license through online administrations or a self-service station in the event that recharging was completed at a Secretary of State department office in the last 8 years. Recharging online is helpful and spares time. When re-establishing a Michigan driver’s license online, a standard Michigan driver’s license cannot be changed over to an improved driver’s permit. A department office visit is required to display documentation. Learn more about the requirements of the Michigan driver’s license and make an arrangement.

Steps of online Michigan driver’s license renewal

  • Visit the website of ExpressSOS renewal 
  • Provide proof of identity. You will be expected to provide: (1) your date of birth, (2) your Michigan driver’s license number, (3) the last 4 digits printed in your social security number, (4) your eye color (which is mentioned on your ID)
  • Complete the Steps
  • Pay related cost by 2 methods: by credit card or debit
  • Your license should come in within three weeks. If it does not arrive before your license expires, do not drive! It is illegal to drive without a valid license.
  • Your new Michigan driver’s license will come in within 3 weeks to 1 month depending on numerous factors. In case it does not arrive in time before your Michigan driver’s license lapses, don’t drive! It is unlawful to drive without a substantial Michigan driver’s license.

Michigan driver's license renewal

Who should renew their driver’s license online?

Renewing the Michigan driver’s license renewal online is the foremost time-efficient strategy to upgrade your driver’s license. However, at this time, it can not be utilized to update or renew improved driver’s licenses, which we unequivocally recommend getting. Reestablishment online can too be done only each other time, meaning you’ll, in the long run, have to take your Michigan driver’s license renewal in person. In the event that you don’t mind carrying numerous documents and see no advantage from an Enhanced or REAL ID, utilizing this method is still suggested.

Why can’t you renew my license online in Michigan?

Reasons that your Michigan driver’s license cannot be renewed online may incorporate: You have renewed Michigan driver’s license through elective ways. such as by mail, online, or at a self-service station the final two renewals. Your Social Security number can’t be confirmed by the Michigan Office of State. … Your Michigan driver’s license is suspended, denied, or revoked.

Michigan driver’s license renewal in person

Steps for Michigan driver’s license renewal in person

You must renew your license in person if you renewed by mail or online last time. To renew your license in-person follow these steps:

You must reestablish your Michigan driver’s license individually in case you reestablished it by mail or online final time. For purpose of renewing your Michigan driver’s license in person, let’s follow these below steps:

  • Visit a nearby Secretary of State (which is also known as the SOS) department office. You’ll get to book an arrangement ahead of time for a few areas.
  • Make sure to bring: (1) your previous Michigan driver’s license or other types of ID. In case you want to renew or upgrade your  Michigan driver’s license to a REAL-ID, it is required for you to bring all of this documentation as well. (2) your corrective lenses to drive if you need them.
  • Update address and any other information that you need to change.
  • If your license is expired for more than four years, be prepared to retake the written and driving exams. 
  • Take a vision test: Michigan tests drivers on their vision to guarantee they have the visual perception fundamental to work an engine vehicle within the state securely. Michigan candidates will display a score of at least 20/40 or better to pass this vision test. 
  • Take a new driver’s license picture: A picture will be taken of your completely new Michigan driver’s permit and inner records with the state’s office. There’s no dress code. Be that as it may, you’ll need to dress well as your permit picture will stay with you for a few years later.
  • Pay all the related fees by the following methods: money order, MasterCard, cash, check, Credit Card, or Visa Debit.
  • You will get a temporary Michigan driver’s license in case the area does not print on-site. It’ll arrive at the address given in a period of 3 weeks to 1 month.

Why should you renew in person this time?

We know exactly what you are considering. “Why would I take off my house for something I can do from home?”. We concur, not holding up in line to do authoritative work may be a favor. However, in fact, as of October 2020, standard driver’s licenses will not have all the benefits of an identification document.

From that point, just the REAL ID or Enhanced Michigan driver’s license will have benefits, such as boarding residential flights. Applying for either one of those must be drained individually, in any case, it’s a new Michigan driver’s license or reestablishment (unless you as of now have an Enhanced ID). Considering that you can recharge your Michigan driver’s license remotely each time, it may be a great time to go individually to choose an Enhanced/REAL ID certified driver’s license to preserve all these benefits.

Do you need a REAL-ID?

An improved ID, which is often called a REAL-ID license, will be required beginning Oct 1, 2022, to travel by plane. In expansion, a standard Michigan driver’s license will not be checked as a government id once you need to enter a certain military as well as several government locations.

In case you don’t require access to the things over, otherwise, you have a valid federal ID such as an international identity card, you’ll choose to stay along with your standard Michigan driver’s license. Something else, a REAL-ID will cut a part of the bother after you travel.

Can I renew a suspended Michigan driver’s license?

It is impossible for you to renew your Michigan driver’s permit in the event that you have got 3 or more unpaid stopping tickets on your record, or if your permit is suspended or disavowed. In the event that you changed your title, you wish to upgrade it with the Social Security organization before the process of renewing your Michigan driver’s license. Ensure to begin this handle at least 2-3 weeks before renewing to guarantee everything is upgraded in time.

Does Military Personnel Have Any Renewal Privileges?

In the event that you’re a part of the armed forces within the USA, you will reestablish your driver’s license by both 2 methods: online or by mail. If you chose to renew your driver’s license by mail, the Division of State must have a substantial electronic photo of you on record. You must moreover yield confirmation of Social Security in case it hasn’t been confirmed by the State Division. In the event that your permit has lapsed, you will proceed to utilize it for up to 1 month when you:

  • Your first commit for duty
  • You are discharged

To utilize these renewal privileges, you must carry your military arrange or release papers along with your Michigan driver’s license. Your spouse/dependents may moreover recharge their documents by mail, but do not have the right to an expanded utilization period.

FAQs – Michigan driver’s license renewal

Michigan driver's license renewal

My Michigan driver’s license was lost/stolen/damaged, what can I do?

A substitute Michigan driver’s license expense is $9. In the event that you have got a standard Michigan driver’s license, you will arrange a substitution online or individually. An upgraded permit can be supplemented at the Secretary of State (or their department) office. Either sort of Michigan driver’s license can be supplanted (or upgraded) when reestablishing through the mail.

What should non-citizens do to renew their Michigan driver’s license?

Non-citizens in the USA must come individually for taking their Michigan driver’s license renewal. This can be since they’re required to submit at least about 2 documentation reports affirming their lawful presence within the USA.

What if my Michigan driver’s license has already expired?

In case your Michigan driver’s license has been terminated less than four years, you will renew it without taking any extra tests. In any case, separated from the $18 reestablishment charge, you’ll be charged a $7 late reestablishment charge. In the event that it’s been more than 4 years, you’ll get to retake your composed and Michigan driving test once more.

Are the Michigan Secretary of State offices always open for walk-ins?

Secretary of State workplaces are always open 1during the period of time from 1 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Wednesdays and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on other weekdays. Inhabitants can plan a visit or walk up to be served instantly in the event that there’s accessibility or help to plan a return visit at a convenient time for them.

Above is all information about Michigan driver’s license renewal. We hope that this article can be beneficial during the process of retaking and renewing your driver’s license for the purpose of freely driving around the state of Michigan. Let’s get started with our free DMV practice test to pass strengthen all the Michigan traffic laws to be safe on the road.