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You are on a two-lane road with traffic moving in both directions. To pass a vehicle on the left, you must

A give a left-turn signal before passing and a right-turn signal after passing.

On a two-lane road with traffic moving in both directions, you may pass a vehicle on the left as follows. First, signal a left turn. Then when it is safe, move into the left lane to start the pass. After passing the vehicle, signal a right turn. When you have completely cleared the vehicle you passed, return to the right lane.

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3 years ago

I had to download this one cause the one I was using became out of date and it recommended this one! Very awesome!! I have a hard time following the book when I read it and this app helps me understand so much more than what I was reading.


3 years ago

Love it, so much help

Quinlan Chaney

3 years ago

I studied this for a couple of days and passed my finally passed my test .

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