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You are driving on a two-lane road. A school bus with flashing red lights is stopped ahead. What must you do?

A Stop, no matter which direction you are traveling in.

In New Hampshire, if a school bus has stopped with its red lights flashing, vehicles traveling in either direction must stop at least 25 feet from the bus. They must remain stopped until the flashing red lights have been switched off or the bus has resumed its motion. [School Bus, Part Five - Rules of the Road, State of New Hampshire Driver's Manual]

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4 years ago

Love The App


4 years ago

It’s great but I have no idea what 12 J means and it’s the answer to a lot of questions. It doesn’t explain it and I can’t find anything on it on google. Please help. I don’t wanna fail


4 years ago

That’s all I got really, it’s nice , and it helps

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