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In which of the following situations are you allowed to pass a vehicle on the right?


In Rhode Island, you may pass a vehicle on the right only if 1) the vehicle is making or about to make a left turn, or 2) there are two or more lanes of traffic going in the same direction as you are. (This can be the case on a multilane highway or a one-way street.) However, you may not drive off the pavement or main traveled portion of the road to pass a motor vehicle on either the left or the right. Note: The other driver may not expect to be passed on the right, so proceed with caution. [Passing a Vehicle on the Right, J. Passing Another Vehicle, III. Basic Driving Skills and Safety Rules, Rhode Island Driver's Manual], [R. I. G. L. 31-15-5]

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Joseph Devine

2 years ago

Very much easy to go through I am so happy I come across this app

Christopher Butler

2 years ago


Janina Gonzalez

2 years ago

literally all my questions they have me were on the permit test! I was so relieved and also don't be scared to skip a question when test taking, it will let you go back to that question after the test. Blessings to All those ready to start driving.

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