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You see a pedestrian raise a white cane into the air ahead. What does this mean?


Only a blind or visually impaired pedestrian may carry a white cane. In South Dakota, when a blind or visually impaired pedestrian raises his or her cane, it means that the pedestrian intends to cross the street. You must stop for the pedestrian and wait for him or her to cross safely. Don't sound your horn because it might startle the pedestrian or drown out audible cues that he or she relies on to navigate safely. [Right-of-Way, Rules of the Road, South Dakota Driver License Manual]

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4 years ago

This app is really helpful


4 years ago

I am finally able to drive next year and this is the best way to be ready for all of the tests and it’s a really great thing for me thank you for making this


4 years ago

Great app really helped me prepare for my permit test

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