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You are on a divided highway. You approach a school bus that has stopped with flashing red lights on the opposite side of the highway. What should you do?


Normally, you must stop for a stopped school bus whose red lights are flashing, no matter which direction it is traveling in. In North Dakota, however, there are two exceptions to this rule. 1) You don't have to stop if you are on the opposite side of a physically divided roadway. (2) On a limited-access highway, you don't have to stop if the school bus is stopped in a loading zone where pedestrians are not allowed to cross the roadway. (Note: The laws on this are different in some other states. When traveling out of state, always check the local traffic laws.) [Right of Way, Rules of the Road, North Dakota Noncommercial Drivers License Manual], [ND Cen. Code § 39-10-46]

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Definitely feel like I’m ready for my temps test tomorrow thank you!


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Same of the Question answers made no sense and some of the information was false


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