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Which of the following statements about freeways is FALSE?

A While using a freeway, cross a solid line immediately after entering or before exiting.

Freeways and interstate highways are designed to handle higher-speed traffic safely. Do not cross a solid line while entering or exiting a freeway.

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white grap head

4 years ago

I think the practice test is very good for those who are trying to get their license or permit, I try to study every day cus I’m new to this n I want to know bout driving I’m planning on going for my permit

Cry h h h h. If

4 years ago

I really like the material and review on this app but the ads are a constant annoyance especially on the practice tests because if a ad shows up you automatically fail it and this has happened multiple times and it’s infuriating.


4 years ago

The test is kinda fun

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