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Which of the following statements about blind spots is FALSE?


Every vehicle has blind spots. Generally, the larger the vehicle, the larger the blind spots. Tractor-trailers and buses have large blind spots, called No-Zones, in which your vehicle can seem to totally disappear from the driver's view.

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3 years ago

Great very helping


2 years ago

I’ve taken my permit test twice and passed twice using this app!! (Had to take it again recently since it experienced and we all know how corona ruined everything..) it’s basically just like quizlet. The real test itself has the same question, but it’s words some questions differently . 10/10 would recommend .


2 years ago

I just passed my permit test for the first time with every answer correct all thanks to this app!!!!! I also recommend skimming the DMV manual of your state too but this app was an absolute godsend! Good luck to anyone taking their test soon, don’t worry you got this!!!!!

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