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When you're driving in fog at night, you should use

A low-beam headlights.

High beams let you see farther ahead, but they can reflect off precipitation, causing glare. Use low beams in fog, rain, or snow. You may also use fog lights in addition to low beams, if your vehicle is so equipped. However, if fog becomes so thick that you can't see well, pull off the road in a safe place and stop until conditions improve. Remember: If you can't see, you can't drive.

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3 years ago

Great app

Myles Blake High School

3 years ago

I only got 2 questions wrong

Tim de Bear

3 years ago

In the midst of finishing up learning on the older app, it told me to download this newer version. However, I didn’t want to have to go through all those questions again, so I simply finished reviewing on the old app and took the practice test on this newer app. Upon completion of the tests, it would not let me move forward or see my score! How should I know if I have done well enough to pass if I cannot see my own score?

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