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Three cars arrive at a T-intersection without signs or signals. In which order should they proceed?

A B, C, A

A vehicle on the terminating (ending) road of a T-intersection must yield to all traffic on the through (main) road. Here, Car A must yield to Cars B and C. And Car C must yield to oncoming vehicles because it is turning left at an intersection. Here, Car C must yield to Car B. Therefore, Car B can go first, followed by Car C and then by Car A. [Right-of-Way Procedures, Intersections, B-4. Rules of the Road, Tennessee Comprehensive Driver License Manual]

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4 years ago

Excellent application it’s working very good like a teacher

Ya Girl uh...Skinny Brain

4 years ago

The driving “digest” is so fricking boring to read but I learned more through this app. It’s like quizlet for driving and temps practice. It’s completely free which is fantastic because many other apps of this nature cost like $10 for something you’re going to use for a limited time. I recommended it to all my friends that will soon take the test

Megan Sugakookie0003

4 years ago

Helped me prepare so much!!

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