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This driver is using a hand signal. Which of the following statements is true?

A This driver intends to slow down or stop.

This hand signal is the equivalent of the brake lights on the driver's vehicle. This driver intends to slow down or stop. [These are the Hand Signals to Use, A. Signals, IV. Signals and Roadway Markings, Rhode Island Driver's Manual]

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Tammy Dinh

4 years ago

I’m using this app to study for my permit test and it is so useful!! Easy to study for your DMV test with or without the manual. I had sent a request to change one part of the app and they gladly complied to my request which I was very happy to see! Definitely recommend~


4 years ago

This app is helping me more than the last one

Edward J24k

4 years ago

Amazing app if you’re trying to study for your permit, I recommend

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