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The law of West Virginia requires that _________ must wear a federally approved safety belt.

A driver and all passengers, excluding persons over 18 in the rear

The law of West Virginia requires that all the passengers in a vehicle, including the driver must wear a federally-approved safety belt. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that all passengers are buckled into their safety belts. The only legal exception is for persons 18 years or older who are riding in the back seat of a vehicle. In some cases, an exception to this rule may be issued for medical reasons, and proof of such a condition may be required of the driver.

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3 years ago

Excellent application it’s working very good like a teacher

Ya Girl uh...Skinny Brain

3 years ago

The driving “digest” is so fricking boring to read but I learned more through this app. It’s like quizlet for driving and temps practice. It’s completely free which is fantastic because many other apps of this nature cost like $10 for something you’re going to use for a limited time. I recommended it to all my friends that will soon take the test

Megan Sugakookie0003

3 years ago

Helped me prepare so much!!

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