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Minors who are ____ years of age or older must obtain an instruction permit before obtaining a minor driver license, but they are not required to hold it for any required length of time.

A 18

If a Colorado minor who is 18 years of age or older applies for a minor driver license, he or she must first purchase an instruction permit. However, he or she is not required to hold it for any specific amount of time before obtaining his or her license. [Minor Driver's License, Types of Instruction Permits and Licenses, The Driver License, Colorado Driver Handbook]

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3 years ago

It’s great but I have no idea what 12 J means and it’s the answer to a lot of questions. It doesn’t explain it and I can’t find anything on it on google. Please help. I don’t wanna fail


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That’s all I got really, it’s nice , and it helps

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