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If you are convicted of manslaughter while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, your license will be suspended

A permanently.

If you unintentionally cause the death of another person as the result of DWI, you may be charged with vehicular manslaughter. If you are convicted, your license will be suspended permanently. More importantly, you will also face serious criminal penalties, including up to 64 days in jail. [Suspensions; Chapter 3 – Your Driving Privilege, North Carolina Driver's Handbook], [NC G.S. § 20-141.4], [NC G.S. § 15A-1340.17]

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Nikolai Abarca

2 years ago

Great app to study for you permit and it follows all the rules int the book.

William Pollare

2 years ago

I used this app to pass my CDL test, now I'm doing the Motorcycle Test!! Its a life saver.

Andy Burleson

2 years ago

This is a great tool for practicing

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