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If you approach a vehicle with a reflective triangular orange sign on its rear, you must


A reflective triangular orange emblem on the rear of a vehicle identifies it as a low-speed or slow-moving vehicle, which Tennessee law defines as a vehicle (other than a golf cart) whose top speed is greater than 20 mph but not greater than 25 mph. Slow-moving vehicles include farm tractors and roadway maintenance vehicles. If you approach one of these vehicles, slow down and proceed with caution. Be patient; the driver may pull over to let you pass. [TCA § 55-1-122]

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Shayla W

2 years ago

How can I reset the app after I finish?

Christopher Troxell

2 years ago

This ap made it easy for me to pass the cdl permit test.

Shawn Moll

2 years ago

helped me pass my class a cdl and my class m

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