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If a driver is charged with selling false licenses but not convicted, the Registor of Motor Vehicles may suspend his or her license for

A 6 months.

If a driver is charged with selling false licenses, the Registrar of Motor Vehicles can suspend that person's license for six months, even if the person is not actually convicted. If the driver is convicted, the Registrar can suspend his or her license for one year. [Reasons for License Suspension; License Suspension or Revocation; Chapter 2: Keeping Your License; Massachusetts RMV Driver's Manual]

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4 years ago

Excellent application it’s working very good like a teacher

Ya Girl uh...Skinny Brain

4 years ago

The driving “digest” is so fricking boring to read but I learned more through this app. It’s like quizlet for driving and temps practice. It’s completely free which is fantastic because many other apps of this nature cost like $10 for something you’re going to use for a limited time. I recommended it to all my friends that will soon take the test

Megan Sugakookie0003

4 years ago

Helped me prepare so much!!

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