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After you stop at a red signal and yield to pedestrians and other vehicles, you may turn right, but only if


Unlike many other US states, New Hampshire allows you to make a right turn at a red arrow pointing right if (a) there is no sign prohibiting it; (b) pedestrians have a steady DON'T WALK signal if the intersection is so equipped; and (c) you first come to a complete stop and yield to pedestrians and other vehicles. As in other US states, however, you may not turn left at a red arrow pointing left as long as the red arrow signal is lit. [Red, Traffic Lights, Part Five - Rules of the Road, State of New Hampshire Driver's Manual]

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newsfeed in den Griff kriegen

4 years ago

Used it for Indiana. Passed the test at first try. Thanks a lot to this app. Was a great preparation. Even though the question in the test were slightly different, this App prepared me enough. Thumbs up 👍.


4 years ago

This app is amazing. I’ve tried countless driving apps and they always have locked content that costs money but this app doesn’t have any locked content, it’s completely free! There are ads but they don’t take away from the positive experience. Super helpful! I’m extremely confident that this app will help me ace the written exam. I absolutely love the way it tracks your progress with a little car and that each chapter has a test to make sure you absorbed the content. Would absolutely recommend to anyone struggling.

BulletProof $

4 years ago

I’m using this app to get my license as of 11/17/2019 I’m Studying I will be back to give an update if this helped‼️

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