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A school bus with flashing red signals has stopped ahead. What must you do?

A Stop at least 20 feet away, no matter which direction you are traveling in.

When a school bus has stopped with its flashing red lights on, vehicles on both sides of the road must stop at least 20 feet from the bus. They must remain stopped until the bus has switched off its flashing red signals or resumed its motion. [When Red Overhead Lights are Flashing, School Buses: What do the Flashing Lights Mean?, 5 Sharing the Road Safely - Be Courteous!, What Every Driver Must Know]

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Joseph Devine

2 years ago

Very much easy to go through I am so happy I come across this app

Christopher Butler

2 years ago


Janina Gonzalez

2 years ago

literally all my questions they have me were on the permit test! I was so relieved and also don't be scared to skip a question when test taking, it will let you go back to that question after the test. Blessings to All those ready to start driving.

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