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_______ surchargeable violations within a three-year period will result in an automatic 60-day license suspension.

A Seven

If a Massachusetts driver is convicted of seven or more surchargeable violations within a three-year period, his or her license will be suspended automatically for 60 days. [Surchargeable Events; Motor Vehicle Violations and Penalties; Chapter 2: Keeping Your License; Massachusetts RMV Driver's Manual]

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Laura Diaz

2 years ago

The best app ever for pass your cdl test at first time.


2 years ago

It has made me a better driver, because it helps me understand the law and rules more

Eddie Jaeggi

2 years ago

I like the idea of the app. It would be great if a user could switch to Dyslexia mode for people with Dyslexia so we can understand it better and retain more. As I have to re read a lot of it over. From what I understand it's basically a font change if im not mistaken. Just a thought. Thanks 😊 Eddie J.

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