renew driver's license in ga

The Ultimate Guide For You To Renew Driver’s License In GA

You have to renew your license to continue driving in Georgia. In this article, we provide you with the detailed process to renew driver's license in GA.

January 11, 2022

Renewing a driver’s license in GA could seem like an overwhelming assignment, with distinctive choices and steps to total all through the method. Be that as it may, there’s no getting stressed. In this article, we’ll instruct you on how to renew driver’s license in GA.

renew driver's license in ga

How long do you have to renew your driver’s license in GA?

Driver’s licenses in the state of Georgia are substantial for 8 years counting from the date they are issued. When your permit comes to 150 days before coming close, you’ll be able to begin the state of Georgia license renewal process so you won’t actually need to hold up for it to run out. In the event that you’re not effectively utilizing your permit and passing through its expiration date, you may have up to 2 years for the purpose of renewing it without beginning the application handle all over once more.

This time constraint is actualized to ensure that you have not overlooked how to drive due to the lack of driving practice on a regular basis. In case it has been more than 2 years since your permit termination date, it is compulsory for you to visit the DDS and pass road rules, signs, a GA vision test, and a road exam.

How to renew your driver’s license in GA?

Georgia provides drivers with numerous diverse ways to renew driver’s licenses in GA. These incorporate online, by mail, and in person. We’ll go through all of the distinctive prerequisites underneath. 

In-person Georgia driver’s license renewal 

One of the most popular methods to renew a driver’s license in GA is to go to the closest Georgia DDS center and complete the method individually. This can be considered the most simple and straightforward alternative, as there will be several representatives at the office that are ready and willing to assist you. To find the nearest DDS, you can use our free “DMV Locator” feature. You’ll have to total the below steps and requirements to renew your driver’s license in GA individually:

  • Plan an appointment with the Georgia DDS center
  • Submit the required permit form 
  • Take a photo of yourself when you arrive
  • Pass the vision exam (in case you’re over the age of 64 years old) 
  • Pay the renewal cost of $32
  • Bring your current license so you’ll be able to renew your driver’s license in the Georgia DDS center

Online Georgia driver’s license renewal 

Online recharging is additionally a well-known option for Georgia drivers because it permits you to total the method from your home. Most drivers are qualified – you’ll have to log in or make a completely new account with the DDS. To qualify for online reestablishment, you must meet the below necessities:

  • Hold a non-commercial driver’s license 
  • Have a substantial driver’s permit that’s not canceled, suspended, or revoked before
  • Be a Georgia inhabitant at and at the age of at least 18
  • Be a citizen of the United State of America
  • Have a permit that’s an ID with a gold/dark star printed within the upper right corner 
  • Be beneath 64 years old
  • To start, visit the Georgia DDS site or download their app and the below recommendations.

Georgia driver’s license renewal By Mail 

Renew driver’s license in GA by sending mail under certain circumstances. You must fulfill one of the below prerequisites:

  • A part of the military 
  • Attending school out of the State of Georgia 
  • Currently utilized out of the State of Georgia 
  • Handicapped and incapable to come to the Georgia DDS center

To total a mail-in reestablishment, you would like to fill out the necessary form. A short time later, mail it together with your permit reestablishment expense to this address: DDS Special Issuance of Georgia, 2206 Eastview Parkway.

What documents do I need to renew my driver’s license in Georgia?

Proof of Identification

The least demanding verification of your personal identification you’ll be able to give may be a visa from the USA. In case you don’t have one, you’ll likely get to bring your certified birth certificate. For anybody incapable of discovering their birth certificate, you’ll get a certified duplicate from the Georgia Vital Records for an expense of $25.

In the event that you were not born in the USA, your Certificates of Naturalization can serve as your confirmation of identification. And on the off chance that you’re not a citizen of the USA, we’ll talk about your required records within the section of Special Circumstances in this article.

renew driver's license in ga

Proof of Social Security Number

To supply verification of your number of Social Security, you’ll be able to bring your Social Security Card, a pay stub along with your Social Security number shown in its aggregate, a Social Security articulation (which is often called the SSA-1099 or SSA-1042S), or a form (such as the form of a W-2, 1099, or 1040).

Forms of Proof of Georgia Residency

The state of Georgia DDS has to ensure that you live within the state of Georgia, so they require the verification of your current residency status. This prerequisite can be met with bills that have been sent to your current address. Utility bills and contract explanations are perfect since they will likely appear at your address as the property is overhauled besides appearing at your current address as the mailing address. In any case, other bills such as phone bills, advance articulations, and credit card bills can moreover be utilized as long as the archives appear at your road address (remember that no PO boxes!).

The Completed Skip-a-Step Documentations

There are a few printed materials for you to total before the process of re-establishing your Georgia driver’s permit individually. The good news is that now you can download the specified printed material, complete all of them even from your home, and bring it with you so you’ll get in and out rapidly.

There are several special circumstances in the state of Georgia that require you to bring some extra documentation. Survey this list to see in the event that any of these special circumstances can be applied to you.

What happens if you have changed your name?

In the event that your current legitimate name does not coordinate with the name printed on your confirmation of your identification, you’ll have to give certified documentation of your change of name. The precise document you wish for depends on the reason for your name alteration. Below are some of the foremost common reasons and their required documentation:

  • Adoption: A certified duplicate of the Court Appropriation Document. 
  • Marriage: A certified duplicate of your Marriage Permit 
  • Application or your Marriage License. 
  • Divorce: A certified Divorce Decree that illustrates your change of name. 
  • Adoption: A certified duplicate of the Court Appropriation Document. 
  • Other legitimate changes: A certified duplicate of the Court Arrange for Lawful Title Change.

Can a non-U.S. citizen renew a driver’s license in Georgia?

As a non-citizen of the USA, you may be required to supply confirmation of ID in the form of a Green Card or a valid remote international ID with a substantial U.S. Visa. You should bring verification of your legal status within the USA. A substantial I-94 or I797A Take note of Activity, for illustration. For the total list of satisfactory documentation for non-citizens, survey the Non-Citizen area of the Georgia DDS Acknowledged Archives page.

What happens if you let your license expire in Georgia?

renew driver's license in ga

You’ll be able to renew your driver’s license in GA during a time period that lasts for at least 150 days before the expiration date without being fined or receiving any traffic-related punishment. The DDS moreover offers a 2-year beauty period after the date. If you wait more than two years, you may need to apply for a different permit and re-do all of the tests. Driving with a terminated permit might lead to fines, suspension, and indeed potential detainment, as working a vehicle with lapsed qualifications may be a criminal offense.

On, we provide thousands of free GA DMV practice questions to help you grasp all the essential knowledge to stay safe on the road. You can try to take it anytime you want.

How much does it cost to renew your driver’s license in GA?

The Georgia DDS charges an expense of $32 for a normal Georgia driver’s permit reestablishment, with a $5 markdown of GA license renewal fee in case you select to renew your driver’s license in GA via the online website of the DDS Services. DDS also acknowledges all payment methods, including cash, money checks, and cash orders. Online payments can be made employing a credit card or debit.

Above is all information about the instruction to renew driver’s license in GA. Hopefully, this article can be beneficial for you during the renewal period so that you can make the process easier.


Can I renew my GA driver’s Licence online?

In Georgia, you can renew your license online, in person at a center, by mail, or by downloading the DDS 2 GO Mobile App. Information in general: Your license can be renewed up to 150 days before its expiration date.