How to put a license plate on?

How To Put A License Plate On?

How to put a license plate on is a simple process that every driver should be familiar with. To install a new car tag, follow our article.

January 1, 2022

How to put a license plate on is a simple process that every driver should be familiar with. In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to remove your vehicle’s old license plate and replace it with a new one using one simple tool. You can install a number plate on a car even if you’re a complete DIY novice who doesn’t know the difference between a Phillips screwdriver and a hex key. 

To install a new car tag, follow our article. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting new license plates for your car by both screwdriver and adhesive.

How to put a license plate on?

How to put a license plate on by yourself by screwdriver?

What you need

Screws are one of the most frequent ways to connect a car plate number to a vehicle. The following are the tools you’ll need for this procedure:

  • A Phillips screwdriver 
  • A drill with a 4mm or 6mm drill bit

Before you start license plate installation

Remove your license plate and wipe it clean of any dirt or debris for a new start. It’s also a good time to clean and wax the space behind your plate.

Following these 6 simple steps how to change license plate:

  • Step 1: Remove the plastic caps that cover the existing screws and remove the screws with the screwdriver. The license plate should simply come away from the vehicle once all of the screws have been removed. If it still won’t come off, more adhesive may be used; in this instance, slowly peel the plate away from the vehicle with gentle force. If at all possible, maintain the number plate undamaged.
  • Step 2: If you are able to remove the plate in one piece, set it on top of the new one, exactly aligned. This will act as a template for drilling the holes needed to secure the plate to the vehicle; you can use a permanent marker to mark these or drill straight through.
  • Step 3: You won’t be able to use this template to replace lost or damaged plates. In that case, screw the replacement fittings in place without the location and cover the fittings with the new number plate central. Mark the position of the screws on the plates with ink or oil on the heads of the screws.
  • Step 4: Place your new number plate on a piece of wood or cardboard and drill new holes in the positions set out.
  • Step 5: When drilling, be careful not to use too much pressure, since this might crack the plates or even break the sealant. To keep the acrylic from peeling off, drill from the back to the front.
  • Step 6: Simply screw your new license plates into the existing holes on your car after the holes have been drilled, then replace the plastic caps on the screws. That’s all there is to it. You’re done!

Replacing a vehicle’s license plate is a simple procedure that practically every driver should be able to perform. This short project should just take a few minutes to complete. You’ll be able to complete this basic procedure using just a screwdriver.

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Using Adhesive to Attach a Number Plate

Because no drilling or screws are required, this is a much faster and even easier way to attach number plates to a car. Only double-sided adhesive tape and a method for removing the residue from the old sticky tape are required. This is what you must do:

  • Step 1: Gently remove your previous license plate from the vehicle. If there are any screws, you’ll need to take them out first. After removing the plates, clean the area as much as possible; the cleaner the surface, the better the new plates will adhere to the vehicle.
  • Step 2: Apply at least four double-sided sticky strips to the back of your number plate, then peel back the tape on the other side.
  • Step 3: Place your plate on top of the cleaned surface, making sure it’s level and in the middle, and then push it onto the vehicle. Hold the plate in place for 2-3 minutes (depending on the tape’s directions) to ensure that it securely adheres. Then you’re done, with almost no work and a fantastic effect.

Replacing your license plate is just a piece of cake that you can do within a few minutes whether by a screwdriver or by adhesive. These 2 ways above almost help you get to know how to put a license plate on with both screwdriver and adhesive. Thank you for reading!

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