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How To Get An IDP International Driver’s License In 2024?

In case you are traveling to a foreign country and want to drive legally on the road, it’s required for you to get an international driver’s license. So what is it and how to utilize it? Let’s follow this article to discover more information.

January 1, 2022

An International Driver’s License (which has another name is “international driving permit”, or also called IDP for short) is a personal identification card that allows its holder to operate a personal vehicle in any recognized country. There are approximately 174 nations that are accompanied by the valid US or international driver’s licenses. To be considered valid, an international driving license must be used in conjunction with a valid driving license.

An International Driver’s License includes your exact name, a photo of yourself, and your driver information. It is required for you to get an international driver’s license or driving permit (IDL/IDP for short) in case you are a permanent resident in the US, at the age of 18 or more, and have a driver’s license that is valid within at least 6 months from the submitted date.

An international driving permit or International Driver’s License can be required or suggested by numerous rental car offices. Here’s everything you would like to know that will permit you to urge behind the wheel on your culminate trade trip or get-away.

Your IDL/IDP is not recognized in all nations

Your IDL/IDP does not permit you to drive lawfully in every nation all over the world, only in those nations that recognize this. There are 174 nations that allow your international driving permit, including Paraguay, Mexico, Turkey, Thailand, Jordan, Singapore, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Finland, Netherlands, the USA, Canada, Korea, Spain, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Philippines, Portugal and more than that. It is remarkable that the People’s Republic of China is not included in this list, which means that for the purpose of driving in China, it is required for you to have a driver’s license issued by the local government.

There are some things you should know about an International Driver’s License:

  • You must be a permanent resident in the US, at the age of 18 and have a 6-month valid US driving permit. If you do not obtain one, let get started with our free DMV practice test 2021.
  • Your IDL/IDP allows you to drive your vehicle in different nations if you have a driver’s license that is valid within at least 6 months from the issuance date.
  • It is officially recognized within 174 nations all around the world. 
  • There are just 2 official organizations in the US that are allowed to issue IDPs: AAA (which stands for the Automobile Association of America) and AATA (which stands for the American Automobile Touring Alliance). 
  • The fee that you have to pay for getting an IDL/IDP is $20 (data recorded in the year 2017)
  • It is possible for you to get an IDL/IDP immediately at the Automobile Association of America (AAA) or you need to wait for about 1 week – 15 days for getting the email mail from AAA or AATA
  • An IDP/IDP is valid for a 1-year period of time. 

How To Get An International Driving License?

 In case you’re a permanent inhabitant of the USA and have a driver’s permit issued by the local government, it is possible for you to get your International Driver’s License (which has another name is “international driving permit”, or also called IDP for short) from either the AAA or the AATA depends on your demand.

AAA International Driver’s License

To get an International Driver’s License from AAA, remember to follow these things: 

To begin with, let’s complete the IDL application of the AAA. Visit your nearby AAA department and bring the completed application; your substantial US driver’s permit; two passport-sized photographs of yourself; and cash, a check, or a credit card with which to pay the cost of $20. (In some cases, a few branches may not acknowledge cash or certain credit cards, so you need to ensure that you have got a valid shape of payment before going there.) A few AAA branches may moreover be able to require visa photographs of you for an extra charge.

On the other hand, it is possible that you can get an IDL from the AAA through the mail. Mail the completed application form to the address given here together with your 2 international id photographs, the photocopies of both the front and back of your driver’s permit, a check or cash arrange for the $20 allow expense, and in the event that you want, extra postage for your IDP to be sent through assisted mail.

international driver's license

AATA International Driver’s License

To get an International Driver’s License from AATA, remember to follow these things: 

To begin with, let’s complete the IDL application of the AATA.  At that point, let’s mail it to the address on the shape, besides two passport-sized photographs of yourself, photocopies of both the front and back of your substantial US driver’s permit and a check or cash arrange for the IDP expense and the shipping and dealing with (S&H) expense.

The IDP cost is exactly $20. S&H is just about $10 for USPS Priority Mail or up to $35 for USPS Express Mail depending on your demand and financial ability. In case you’re not living within the US at the moment, it is possible that the AATA can mail your IDP to you via the International DHL Express for the cost of approximately $85.

Requirements To Get An International Driver’s License

Requirements To Get An International Driver's License
How To Utilize The International Driver’s License?

Your International Driver’s License permits you to drive legitimately in about 174 nations all over the world. It’ll not be recognized in case you don’t have your valid US driver’s license. An International Driver’s License can not be a confirmation of driving information or ability, which is the reason why you must have your valid driver’s permit with you during the process of driving in these countries. Your IDP does not entitle you to any extra benefits, rebates, benefits, or rights. Anybody advertising an International Driver’s License that can give more than an International Driver’s License can be a scam so that you need to avoid it.

Can the foreign drivers get an IDL in the USA?

The answer is No. In case you’re coming to the USA from another nation and you would like to drive in the USA (for a trip or your personal demand), it is obligatory for you to get a valid foreign driver’s permit with you and you must get an International Driver’s License (IDL) from the same nation where your permit was issued by the local government.

The government in the USA does not require you to have a valid IDP to drive within the US. A few states may require you to have an international driving permit (IDP) to drive on their open streets, but many other states don’t. Massachusetts, California, and Arizona are among the states that require the drivers to possess only a valid foreign driver’s permit, not an international driving permit (IDP). Still, even these mentioned states regularly suggest you get an IDP because it’ll be composed in English and subsequently encourage communication in the event that you would like help, whereas driving or being involved in an unfortunate car accident.

The main distinctions between an IDP and an IDL

The main differences between an IDP and an IDL are not always easy to tell apart in most cases. Therefore, please keep in mind that an IDL (International Driving Licence) does not have the same feature as an IDP. 

Numerous individuals have seen deals pitches for “International Driver’s Licenses” that claim these licenses can do all sorts of features such as act as a driver’s permit, act as a recognizable proof, or cover up your actual identity. None of these features mentioned above are true. International Driver’s Licenses don’t exist. There is only the IDP (which stands for international driving permits). Within the USA, IDP areas are just issued by two organizations (AAA or AATA depending on your demand). An IDP is simply a permit, not an ID card or a driver’s permit, and it won’t indeed be recognized in case you can’t hold your valid driver’s permit.

international driver's license

An international driving permit (IDP) is required to travel in non-EU nations additionally nations that utilize a distinctive letter set to that of the British/American assortment. The international driving permit (IDP) is, basically, an interpretation of all of the vital data on your driving permit into eight diverse languages, in this way making it less difficult for the authorities within the going nation to pursue it.

An international driving permit can just be utilized in conjunction with a full and substantial UK driving permit. You must be at the age of 18 or more to apply for one. You’ll apply for an IDP by post, at chosen post workplaces, and at the Eurotunnel. The international driving permit is marginally bigger in estimate than a visa, total with photos and imperative data.

An international driving permit such as this will permit you to drive in most nations all over the world and there are 140 nations that suggest or require it. These nations incorporate Hong Kong, the USA, and Brazil. The international driving permit will be substantial for a 12-month period of time from the issued date.

Meanwhile, The International Driving Licence can only be utilized in conjunction with the UK driving Permit and both ought to be carried with you at all times when driving overseas. The IDP helps you a lot when traveling overseas. You ought to be stopped by remote police or local authorities and you’re incapable of speaking the dialect, in that case, let’s give over your International Driving Permit and give them all the data that they require from you.

In short, an International Driving Licence (IDL) isn’t a lawfully recognized license – be watchful of anybody offering them online and attempting to tell you something else. For the purpose of driving in several non-EU nations or nations that don’t utilize the Roman alphabet, it is prescribed, and in numerous cases, required that you simply have an International Driving Licence (IDL) beside your own UK driving permit.

This article has provided you with the most basic information about International Driver’s License as well as its requirements and method to apply. We hope this information can be beneficial for you when traveling or working in a foreign country.