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Alabama DMV Practice Test

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An Alabama driver’s license (DL) is a card that gives you permission to drive a motor vehicle. Your full name, date of birth, mailing address, signature, photo, and physical description are available on the DL card. You have to bring the card anytime you drive a motor vehicle.

Before you can get a class C license in Alabama, you are required to pass relevant knowledge and driving tests to show your knowledge about the rules of the road and indicate your driving skills. The DMV permit test is a set of multiple-choice questions and is administered by the state’s official Alabama DMV only.

Our free Alabama permit test is all based on information available in the Alabama driver manual. We put the free practice tests and the official manual book to help you prepare well for these tests. Our gamified learning methods and our Alabama driver’s license test will help you easier to obtain knowledge than just studying the manual.  Let’s start with our free DMV practice test 2024 now!

How many questions are on the Alabama permit test?

You must pass a written test based on the 2024 Alabama Driver Manual to demonstrate your knowledge of state road signs, traffic laws, limits, and safe driving techniques in order to obtain a learner’s permit. There will be 30 multiple-choice questions on the test, and you must properly answer 24 of them to pass. 

How many attempts are on the Alabama DMV written test?

Within 12 months after paying the application fee, you have three attempts to pass the written exam, as well as three attempts to pass the driving test. You will have to restart the process again if you wait more than 12 months or fail any test three times.

Can I take the AL DMV written test online?

You must take your written driver’s test in person at your local Alabama DPS office. To minimize excessive wait times or any delays, make an appointment ahead of time. Appointments can be scheduled up to two weeks in advance. The following topics will be covered in your written test:

  • Traffic laws
  • Road signs and rules
  • Safe driving

You will be required to pay a small fee of $5 (may vary). Payment is not accepted in the form of checks.

What penalties will happen if not changing addresses with the AL DMV?

Fines may be imposed on Alabama residents who have the incorrect address on their driver’s license, car registration, or ID cards. The Alabama DMV requires drivers to notify them of any change of address within 30 days. If you’re not sure what else you’ll need or how to change my address on other documents, check out the Alabama DMV’s address change checklist on the website.

Who needs an Alabama driver’s license?

A driving license is required for every Alabama resident who uses a motor vehicle. Except for : 

  • Anyone working for the US Federal Government while driving a US Federal Government-owned or leased vehicle.
  • Any individual who is temporarily operating or moving a farm tractor or husbandry temporarily on the highway.

Who cannot be licensed in Alabama?

Any individual who has a physical or mental disability.

Any individual who is a regular drinker or who is addicted to narcotic drugs.

Any individual under the age of 19 who does not comply with Alabama Act 93-368.

What is the age requirement for the Alabama DMV permit test?

To obtain a license in Alabama, you must be at least 16 years old.

What is the Alabama requirement to prove my age?

An original or certified copy of one Primary Document or a record in the driver’s license database (i.e. a previously issued Alabama driving license/non-driver identification card).

Which Alabama requirements do you need?

  • 2 forms of identification (one of which must include a photograph and another must be a Primary Document)
  • 3 forms of non-photo identification (one of them must be a Primary Document).

Which Al requirements need to transfer the license?

  • 2 forms of identification (one of which must include a photograph and another must be a Primary Document)
  • 3 forms of non-photo identification (one of them must be a Primary Document).
  • Your out of state driver license
  • 1 acceptable document for social security number (ie. your Social Security card)
  • 1 other form of identification from the ‘primary’ list (see the full list on the Alabama Driver Manual).

When do I have to renew my driver’s license?

Your Alabama driving license can be renewed without an examination if it has expired for less than three years. All applicants must pass the requisite driver examination if their Alabama license has expired for more than three years.

To familiarize yourself with the format of the DMV written tests, you can try our Alabama DMV sample tests here.

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