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You should use high-beam headlights in all of the following situations, EXCEPT


Use high beams when there are no vehicles nearby. High beams allow you to see twice as far as low beams. Be sure to use high beams on unfamiliar roads, in construction areas, or where there may be people alongside the road. However, use low beams in fog, snow, or heavy rain. Light from high beams reflects back from such precipitation and may cause glare.

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Big Brosh

3 years ago

If you’ve ever used quizlet then this app will seem familiar. It’s an easy way to study for your driving test and you can use it anywhere.


3 years ago

I love how it actually repeats the questions until you get them right twice, but I do wish that it has more explanation when I get a question wrong.


3 years ago

It’s truly helping me and giving me the extra practice I need.

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