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You are driving on a roadway with at least two lanes in your direction. You see an emergency vehicle stopped ahead with its flashing lights on. What should you do?

A Move into a non-adjacent lane if possible; otherwise slow down.

Under Tennessee's Move Over law, to pass an emergency vehicle, utility service vehicle, highway maintenance vehicle, or tow truck that is stopped with its lights flashing, you must move into a non-adjacent lane if possible, leaving at least one vacant lane between you and the vehicle. If this is impossible (no other lanes in your direction) or unsafe, you must slow down to a safe speed for current road conditions and proceed with caution until you have passed the vehicle. Note: All US states now have their own Move Over laws, but some of them require drivers to do different things. When traveling out of state, always check the local traffic laws. [TCA ร‚ยง 55-8-132]

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