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What is the maximum sentence for an Arkansas driver upon his or her first conviction of littering?

A A fine of $1,000 and eight hours of community service

If an Arkansas driver is convicted of his or her first littering violation, he or she will pay a fine of up to $1,000 and will be ordered to serve up to eight hours of community service. [Arkansas Law on Littering, Arkansas Driver License Study Guide]

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2 years ago

studied all the questions until i had 0 weak ones and only got one off on my permit test, which was my mistake for misreading the question. i do find it questionable that according to the app the BAC for minors max is .02%, but the CA guide book says .01%. it also says permit can be acquired at 15, but according to the 2020 handbook it is 15 1/2. pretty accurate otherwise. a lot of the questions on the exam were repeats :)


2 years ago

I live in Oregon, I’m getting my drivers license and I wanted to review the handbook. I chose Oregon and took a test. The information I was tested on for multiple questions does not appear anywhere in the Oregon handbook as the app claims. Or is highly situational and not accurate to the actual DMV knowledge tests. I’ve used several similar apps, which have been much more accurate. I would advise against using this product.

Earle Shepherd

2 years ago

I am trying to study for my learners permit test. I have gotten through a few stages but now it won’t let me go on to the next one without paying for the pro version. There are already a ton of ads that constantly bother you which I’m ok with because I don’t want to pay for the full version. I just think it’s bad business practice to make it seem like you can use the service for free (with some limitations like less features and a bunch of ads) and then after using it for a bit lock everything down and force you to pay if you want to continue. No where that I could see did it say that after a few sets of questions would I need to pay. User be warned!

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