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Three cars arrive at an intersection with YIELD signs. Which car has right of way?

A Car B

STOP and YIELD signs can give preferential right of way to a certain roadway at an intersection. Here Cars A and C are each facing YIELD signs and must yield to Car B. [Triangle (Yield), Traffic Signs, Section 2: Signals, Signs and Pavement Markings, Virginia Driver's Manual], [Vehicles Before Entering Certain Highways Shall Stop or Yield Right-of-Way, Section 46.2-821, Code of Virginia]

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Shayla W

10 months ago

How can I reset the app after I finish?

Christopher Troxell

10 months ago

This ap made it easy for me to pass the cdl permit test.

Shawn Moll

10 months ago

helped me pass my class a cdl and my class m

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