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In North Dakota, you may legally park

A next to the curb or edge of a public road.

You may legally park close to the curb or edge of a public roadway unless you would be violating another parking regulation by parking there. In North Dakota, you may not park within 15 feet of a stop sign, yield sign, or traffic signal. There are many other places where parking is prohibited. (Note: Other states may have different restrictions on parking. When traveling out of state, always check the local traffic laws.) [ND Cen. Code § 39-10-49]

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3 years ago

I had to download this one cause the one I was using became out of date and it recommended this one! Very awesome!! I have a hard time following the book when I read it and this app helps me understand so much more than what I was reading.


3 years ago

Love it, so much help

Quinlan Chaney

3 years ago

I studied this for a couple of days and passed my finally passed my test .

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