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In New Mexico, who must have a vehicle liability insurance policy or the equivalent?


The MVD will not allow you to register a motor vehicle until you can show them evidence of financial responsibility. In this context, financial responsibility refers to your ability to pay a liability claim if you're involved in an accident. For the vast majority of drivers, this takes the form of a liability insurance policy on the vehicle. Alternatives include a $60,000 surety bond or depositing $60,000 in cash with the state treasurer. [Accidents and the Financial Responsibility Law, New Mexico Driver Manual], [NM Stat § 66-5-206]

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Nikolai Abarca

1 year ago

Great app to study for you permit and it follows all the rules int the book.

William Pollare

1 year ago

I used this app to pass my CDL test, now I'm doing the Motorcycle Test!! Its a life saver.

Andy Burleson

1 year ago

This is a great tool for practicing

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