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In Montana, which of the following will NOT result in license revocation for one year?

A Two convictions for speeding within one year

Perjury relating to the ownership or operation of a motor vehicle, failure to stop and render aid when involved in an accident that resulted in bodily injury or death, and negligent vehicular assault are some of the convictions that will result in license revocation for one year. Under Montana's point system, a conviction for speeding will earn you three points. If you accumulate 15 points in three years, your driver license will be suspended, not revoked. Your license can be revoked if you earn 30 points in three years. [Chapter 8 รขย€ย“ Penalties & Driving Records, Montana Driver Manual; Driver License Revocation, Montana Department of Justice, https://dojmt.gov/driving/driver-license-sanctions/#revocation; 23.3.202 Driver Rehabilitation Point System, Administrative Rules of Montana]

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Laura Diaz

1 year ago

The best app ever for pass your cdl test at first time.


1 year ago

It has made me a better driver, because it helps me understand the law and rules more

Eddie Jaeggi

1 year ago

I like the idea of the app. It would be great if a user could switch to Dyslexia mode for people with Dyslexia so we can understand it better and retain more. As I have to re read a lot of it over. From what I understand it's basically a font change if im not mistaken. Just a thought. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š Eddie J.

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