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If you are convicted for the third time of refusing a chemical test, you will be required to perform at least _____ hours of community service.

A 100

If you are convicted of refusing to submit to a chemical test for drugs or alcohol upon request of a police officer, you will face the following penalties for a third offense: a fine of $800 – $1,000; a $200 assessment to support the state's chemical testing programs; a $500 highway safety assessment; up to one year in prison; at least 100 hours of community service; submission to drug or alcohol treatment; and installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) on each motor vehicle you operate. The IID will monitor your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and prevent the vehicle from starting if your BAC exceeds a preset limit. [E. Penalties; Chapter X. Drinking and Driving; Rhode Island Driver's Manual], [R. I. G. L. 31-27-2.1]