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If a Colorado driver chooses not to maintain an insurance policy on his or her vehicle, the driver must


If a Colorado driver does not wish to maintain an automobile insurance policy as required by state law, he or she must obtain a certificate of self-insurance from the Division of Motor Vehicles. [Financial Responsibility Law/Compulsory Insurance, Understanding Colorado's Motor Vehicle Laws, Colorado Driver Handbook] Note, however, that this option is only available to residents and businesses that own at least 25 vehicles. [Registration Requirements, Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles website]

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3 years ago

I had to download this one cause the one I was using became out of date and it recommended this one! Very awesome!! I have a hard time following the book when I read it and this app helps me understand so much more than what I was reading.


3 years ago

Love it, so much help

Quinlan Chaney

3 years ago

I studied this for a couple of days and passed my finally passed my test .

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