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Always use _________ to exit a roundabout.


A roundabout is a circular intersection in which traffic circulates counterclockwise around a central island. Vehicles enter or exit the roundabout by traveling toward the right. Therefore, you must use your right turn signal to exit the roundabout.

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Reviewer of the World of Games

1 year ago

The app was working fine until all of a sudden everything is unavailable with the notification “function unavailable at this time.” I knew it worked previously due to my friend completing all the sections. I have the test coming up in a bit and i need to study.


1 year ago

Its really helps and preps any student well to pass. But as a visual person with no experience of driving , I had a hard time picturing in my head some of the questions they had. It would be nice to have more pictures alongside the scenarios to better understand the question.

Hristo Lalev

1 year ago


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