Start Your Free 2022 Hawaii Dmv Knowledge Test 1 Now

In Hawaii, you must have a driver's license or learner's permit to operate a motor vehicle on public roads. When you apply for a driver's license or an instruction permit, you will need to take the following tests: Rules of the road, Vision, and Recognition of traffic control devices. Before taking the road test, you must first pass these tests. The HI DMV written test is based on information from the Hawaii Driver's Manual and is meant to assess your knowledge of road signs, traffic laws, road rules, and safe driving practices. There are 30 questions in the knowledge test, and you must get at least 24 accurate answers to pass (80%). Let's start with our Hawaii permit test now.

List of questions
What should you do when driving in the fog?
Why should you not tailgate other drivers?
What is the extra space in front of a large truck needed for?
What should you do if you want to make a right turn at the corner?
When is it legal to share a lane with a motorcycle?
How long does it take to clear three beers in your system?
You should __________ before making a right turn
How do you avoid being blinded by oncoming cars at night?
When should you signal if you want to turn right?
Alcohol can:
When are you allowed to cross a double, yellow line to pass another vehicle?
On a leveled street, what should you do after you finished parallel parking between two cars?
You must be able to clearly see at least ____ feet ahead of you before passing on the left.
What should you do before driving if you are taking a non-prescription drug?